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Welcome to the SOCCER page!

7/27/17    After Jamaica knocked out the U.S. in the 2015 Gold Cup Semifinal, they play again, this time in the 2017 Gold Cup final!  Highlights:

3/28/17    Coming off an solid World Cup qualifier win over Honduras, the U.S. faces Panama in a tough away game after Panama suffered a shocking and improbable last minute elimitation from the last World Cup.  Get ready for tonight's game with this preview, a look at U.S. v Panama history, and a look at the Honduras victory:

1/30/16    Get ready for US/Jamaica on Friday night with these classic clips:

US v. Jamaica Gold Cup 2015:

US v. Jamaica Gold Cup 2011:

7/27/15    Yesterday's Gold Cup final was a great finish to a good tournament.  Rooting for Jamaica just because of the entertaining style, and they put in a great first 20 minutes against Mexico after knocking the U.S. out in the semis.  Mexico finally rose to the occasion to take the final though.

7/19/15    Very tired today after getting back from Baltimore.  A very unexpected group of 3rd matches in group play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup put the U.S. against a struggling Cuba for a quarter-final.  The 6-0 scoreline hides what I thought was a struggling U.S. team that should have played much better.  The second quarter-final match of Jamaica v. Haiti was one of the top 10 games I have ever. been to however.  Both teams were fast attacking play end-to-end, with the match so entertaining that even some of the Jamaicans around me were hoping Haiti would score a tying run, just so we would get another exciting 30 minutes of soccer.  Even got a chance to meet Joel Grant at the end of the match!  Today's results mean the U.S. will face Jamaica in the semi-final, and from what I saw today, I think Jamaica is the one team that can beat the U.S.  We will see in a few days.

7/6/15    With a very busy summer, I was very frustrated that I only got a chance to see a few Women's World Cup matches this summer on TV.  The U.S. looked a little shaky in group play, but a great semi-final against powerhouse Germany set up a final rematch against a strong Japan, but the U.S. really showed their best with a decisive win.  I hope lots of you got a chance to see at least one match.  It made me really wish I could have taken a road trip up to Canada to see at least one match!

7/13/14    Germany wins!  For a World Cup full of open attacking play, it was a slow, defensive match.  Argentina will regret the chances they sqandered, but I always thought Germany would rise to the occasion, even if Argentina had gotten the early goal.  Thank you Brazil for hosting the most entertaing World Cup in memory!

7/11/14    Germany v Argentina on Sunday for the final.  Messi v the machine!  I don't think it will be Messi.  Plus, we get another look at Netherlands and Brazil tomorrow for the 3rd place game.  I expect Robbin and Van Persie to pick a shell shocked Brazil apart.

7/10/14    Well I think I found the best way to watch a World Cup match:  by the sea on a fuzzy Jamaican station with about 50 or so fans from all over the world.  Watching Germany's shocking deconstruction of Brazil and the reaction really brought home the passion that the World Cup brings to the rest of the world.  Even in the airport, everyone who could spare a minute was huddled around a TV!

7/1/14    What a finish to a tough game.  The U.S. lost to Belgium 2-1 in overtime after staying scoreless for 90 minutes.  A shaky U.S. team was kept in the match by Tim Howard's record number of saves, and young Justin Green's goal off the bench revitalized the team for a thrilling final 5 minutes!  Even though the U.S. run is over, there are still several thrilling matches left to play.  Looking forward to the quarterfinals on Friday and Saturday!

6/26/14    I was wrong!  I was wrong!  I was wrong and I could not be happier!  The U.S. made it out of the first round of the cup and goes on to the round of 16.  They will play Tuesday, July 1 at 4pm against the winner of group H to be decided later this afternoon.  My guess is Belgium but Algeria is also a possible opponent.

6/25/14    More watching than posting about this incredible World Cup I'm afraid, but if you haven't been watching, you have been missing astonishing matches and amazing upsets, last minute goals, and great drama!  Yesterday featured powerhouse Italy bitten by their own time-wasting (as well as Suarez!) 

 Today's matches:

12:00   Bosnia v Iran, Argenina v Nigeria

4:00    Ecuador v France, Switzerland v Honduras


6/13/14    What a day!  Spain knocked off their throne by Netherlands 5-1 in a rematch of the 2010 final!  Mexico beats a lackluster Cameroon despite multiple goals called back for offside!  Chile looking sharp against Australia!  Van Pierse scores what may actually be the goal of the cup!  All this and four games tomorrow including England v Italy! 

6/12/14    An interesting start to the World Cup:  an own goal, an enornous amount of diving and flopping, and very slow goalkeeping.  I'm really interested from a referee viewpoint what the instructions to referees about "simulating the foul" will be over the next 24 hours.  Croatia looked more impressive and Brazil less so than the 3-1 scoreline would suggest..

One important note for the U.S. team:  Portugal's Ronaldo left a practice session early today with an icepack on his knee. Even without Ronaldo, Portugal is no pushover, but it increases the odds the U.S. can get out of the first round. In the meantime, I can't wait for tomorrow's three big matches.  Mexico v Cameroon, and Spain faces Netherlands in a rematch of the 2010 final that promises to be big! 

6/12/14    The World Cup starts today!  Coverage begins at 3pm on ESPN!

6/11/14    CLICK HERE to see the U.S. team in training!

6/5/14    Only one week to go until the opening match:  Brazil v Croatia.  The U.S. has a very tough first round draw, but an aging German side and continuing injury problems for Portugal's Ronaldo are increasing the long odds the U.S. can get through.  Friday's Portugal v Mexico tune-up match (on ESPN at 8:30pm or CLICK HERE to follow online) will give clues about Portugal's fitness. Saturday's tune-up match against Nigeria (on ESPN at 6pm) will show if U.S. coach Klinsman can finally get the U.S. defense right.

Lots more to come as we enjoy Brazil 2014!


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