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The U.S. History II page is here to help students studying the second half of U.S. History. While it is geared to the Virginia SOL, any student or parent can use to to get history resources.

Look for a redesign of this page the first weekend of August to help my students rising to the 7th grade with their new classes!

Lots of help, resources, videos, and online exhibits are coming, including:

Eleanor Roosevelt and the United Nations -- Online Exhibit

George Gershwin

Official site for George & Ira Gershwin--Read biographies and listen to their music.

George Gershwin -- Biography.com entry

Listen to Rhapsody in Blue:

Listen to Summertime:

Louis Armstrong:

Bessie Smith:

Make your own learning games!

  • Try cutting apart maps into jigsaw puzzles and time yourself putting them together.
  • Trying to learn a vocabulary list?  Use index cards!  Put the term on one side of an card and the definition on the other.  You have flash cards to study with others.
  • If you are stuck studying solo, stack the vocabulary flash cards you made definition side up.  Guess the term, and sort cards into correct and incorrect stacks.  Pick up the incorrect stack and keep guessing until they are all in the correct stack, then turn the stack over and do it again term side up, guessing the definitions!



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