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U.S. History Part One:  Exploration

As we go through the Explorers unit, I will be adding links, games, videos, and other resources.  We will have a cumulative test on Friday, September 12.  The study guide and practice test will be posted here by Sept. 10.

Christopher Columbus:

Special for my students:  Enjoy this 104 year old film about Christopher Columbus from the Library of Congress!  This film presents many untrue myths about Columbus and is historically innacurate.  Columbus never watched Vaspucci get credit for his discovery and in fact died without knowing what he discovered.  Nevertheless the film is an interesting historic artifact on its own, both as a cinematicly advanced film for its time and for what people mistakenly beleived about Columbus when it was made.

Here is a cartoon from 1960 that is based on the mistaken notion that Columbus sailed to prove the world was round.   See what other mistakes you can find in this 50 year old cartoon!

Here is the animated film we watched in class that is far more historically accurate:


Watch the short Christopher Columbus biography from the Biography channel below:

CLICK HERE for the Christopher Columbus BBC-Primary History site.  Includes information, a quiz, and an interactive Columbus game.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Columbian Exchange

There are so many myths about Christopher Columbus that have been repeated so many times that they are commonly accepted as fact.  Most educated people of the time beleived the world was round and not flat.  They just disagreed with how big it was.  Many of these myths came from Washington Irving (yes, the Washington Irving that wrote Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle) who wrote a "biography" of Christopher Columbus that didn't let actual history and fact get in the way of telling some pretty wild stories, many of which were repeated by others as true.  You can read the entire 1849 edition if you CLICK HERE

This short film from the History Channel describes Columbus'  Book of Privildges

CLICK HERE to play Christopher Columbus--Rags to Riches game

CLICK HERE to play a Christopher Columbus Walk the Plank game

Here is a video about Cortez and Pizzarro (important Spanish conquestadors we do not study):

Meet your SOL Explorers!

England:  John Cabot

CLICK HERE to learn more about John Cabot

France:  Francis Champlain and Robert de Salle

Samuel de Champlain:  The Lego Version!


Spain:  Francisco Coronado

And finally, a video with a bit different emphasis than the SOL explorers, but pretty good:



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