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U.S. History Part One:  Colonies


CLICK HERE for the study guide.  Note students need to answer questions completely using their notes and the essential knowledge page they were given during the unit, as well as get the study guide signed by their parent/guardian to recieve the test grade boost.

CLICK HERE to take the practice quiz to see if you are ready!

  Practice using these games:

CLICK HERE for an early colonies quiz game from SOLPass

CLICK HERE for a colonial geography millionaire game from SOLPass

Early Colonies Column Match

Colonies Pattern Game

Colonies Matching Game

Colonists Mini-Quiz Game

Colonial Timeline Game

Colonies Crossword Puzzle Game


CLICK HERE for info on Roanoke Island (Lost Colony)

CLICK HERE for maps and photos about the Lost Colony

CLICK HERE for recent developments in the search for the lost colonists.

Jamestown Resources:

Historic Jamestowne

Jamestown Settlement

How bad were conditions in Jamestown during the winter of 1609-1610?  CLICK HERE to read recent findings in USA Today

CLICK HERE to take an interactive tour of Jamestown

CLICK HERE to go to Virtual Jamestown

CLICK HERE to play the Jamestown Online Adventure game!


CLICK HERE to try the "You are the Historian interactive activity at Plymouth Plantation

CLICK HERE to take an interactive voyage on the Mayflower II from Plymouth Plantation

CLICK HERE to take a virtual field trip to Plimouth Plantation


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Massachussetts Bay Colony

Pensylvania Colony was settled by the Quakers who waneted the freedom to practice their religion without interference

Watch a video about the founding of Pennsylvania:

Georgia was started by James Oglethorpe as a colony for people who had been in debtor's prisons in England.  They hoped to experience economic freedom and a new start in America

Watch a student-created "commercial" to settle in Georgia:

Watch another student-created film, a rap about the founding of Georgia:




You will need to know the different ways the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Sourthern colonies developed.  While not geared to the Virginia SOLs, these three videos will help give additional background on the development of these three colonial regions:

New England:

Middle Colonies:

Southern Colonies:



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