Remember that the polls open at 6am and close at 7pm.  If you are in line by 7pm, you will still be able to vote.
(State and local results are provided live by the Virginia State Board of Elections)

CLICK HERE for statewide results for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General
CLICK HERE for 58th District House of Delegates, districtwide results and by locality
CLICK HERE for 65th District House of Delegates, districtwide results and by locality
CLICK HERE for Fluvanna County results for all races


Fluvanna County Registrar Office

Virginia State Board of Elections

What's on my ballot?

CANDIDATE WEBSITES (in the order they are on the Virginia ballot.)  If the candidate did not create a campaign website, there is a link to the official website with contact information.  If the candidate only created a facebook campaign page rather than a website, students are reminded of facebook age restrictions, and should access with parent permission using a parent account:

Governor State of Virginia

Ralph S. Northam

Edward W. /Ed/ Gillespie

Clifford D. Hyra

Lieutenant Governor State of Virginia

Justin E. Fairfax

Jill H. Vogel

Attorney General State of Virginia

Mark R. Herring

John D. Adams

Member House of Delegates (58th District, Virginia):

Kellen J. Squire

Robert B. Bell III

Member House of Delegates (65th District, Virginia)

Francis M. Stevens

R. Lee Ware, Jr.

Columbia District:

Member, Board of Supervisors

John M. "Mike" Sheridan

Member, School Board

Andrew R. Pullen

Linda Staiger*

(*Note:  Linda Staiger is not on the ballot because she did not file the correct paperwork by state filing deadlines. Because she gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot and is conducting an active write-in campaign, and because the purpose of this page is to educate about the election process, I have included her name and website)

Cunningham District

Member, Board of Supervisors

Donald W. Weaver

Member, School Board

Charles D. Rittenhouse

Rivanna District:

Member, Board of Supervisors

Darryl L. Byers

Tony P. O'Brien

Member, School Board

Shirley S. Stewart

Tyler M. Pieron

Additional information:

League of Women Voters of Virginia

Charlottesville Daily Progress Politics

National Party Websites:

Republican Party

Democratic Party

Libertarian Party

Green Party

Virginia Party Websites:

Virginia Republican Party

Virginia Democratic Party

Virginia Libertarian Party

Virginia Green Party

Fluvanna Party Websites:

Fluvanna Republican Party

Fluvanna Democratic Party

For many personal and professional reasons I decided not to have students complete my usual election project this year.  For teacher looking for ideas, or anyone curious about what students did to complete the project, I have left the materials from the 2016 project in this column.  Because of the unusal tone of that election, the project was an opt-in project.
Election Project

In the early 1990's, I created my election project to teach students the skills to research candidates for elected office and discover where those candidates stand on the individual issues that students care about, as well as elections and voting patterns. 

Project Permission Form  (due Oct. 14)

NOTE:  Because of candidate issues that have emerged during this campaign, I have made the project opt-in/permission required.  Students who opt out of the project will instead learn the process of how candidates are selection and elections are run using historic information rather than current candidates.

Project Cover Sheet

President Data Candidate Sheet (5)

Vice-President Candidate Data Sheet (5)

House of Representatives Candidate Data Sheet (2)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Sheet (2)

Electoral College Vote Tally

Electoral College Map

Students will watch at least one debate, and complete the debate worksheet.

CLICK HERE for debate worksheet

CLICK HERE for debate instructions

CLICK HERE to watch the first Presidential debate (Sept. 26, 2016)

The Vice Presidential debate will be held at Longwood University on Oct. 4.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Because of the content of the 2nd and potentially 3rd debate, I am asking students that have not yet completed a debate worksheet to watch one of the historic debates below:

Students may also choose to watch these previous Presidential debates rather than current candidates:

Sept. 26, 1960-John Kennedy and Richard Nixon

Oct. 21, 1984-Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale

Oct. 5, 1988-Dan Qualye and Lloyd Bentsen

Oct. 13, 1988-George H. W. Bush and Michael Dukakis


The Elecoral College, explained:

Classic Campaign Ads:

1964  Barry Goldwater:

1964 Lyndon Johnson:

1956 Adlai Stevenson:

1956 Ike Eisenhower:

Earliest TV Ads 1952:

Eisenhower-The Man from Abiline

Stevenson "Music Man" ad