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NOTE:  The Halloween page links to events and costume stores that will have scary or grusome images.  While everything here is intended to be fun, every Halloween scare, costume, or event is not always appropriate for every age, and even children of the same age may better handle Halloween images and events than others.  Parents/guardians may wish to prieview events and links on this page.  Additionally, I always try to be sensitive that some people may not share my enthusiasm for the Halloween season, and may not share my outlook that it is a chance to dress up, goof around, enjoy a scare or two, and have fun!  If you do not share my enthusiasm for Halloween, please exit to another page on my website

UPDATE October 10, 2017 -  I have updated links for the Danger Zombies Run and Richmond Zombie Walk.  Both are favorite events of mine


It is no secret that Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays!  From putting together the perfect costume to enjoying and supporting local "haunted house" attractions and halloween themed road races, I always enjoy the halloween season.  I've posted this special halloween page to help friends, students, and families find some of the best local events, as well as links to many of the halloween costume, makeup, and prop merchants that I have used over the years! 

Happy Halloween

Costumes, Makeup, Props, and Decorations:

While some temporary halloween stores often set up in Charlottesville and Richmond each year with lots of costumes and props, they can be a bit pricey, and selection can be limited, especially if you wait till the last minute.  Try some of these online shops, and browse the sale and clearance sections for some great costume and prop ideas at great prices.  Shop early though, as many of the best deals will be gone by mid-September.


Costume Discounters

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Virginia Halloween Events!

  • Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours--CLICK HERE
  • RICHMOND ZOMBIE WALK - Join a semi-organized group of the undead for a casual shamble down the streets of Carytown, or just enjoy watching the lurching parade. Saturday, Oct. 28.  Staging about 1pm, with the walk about 3pm in Carytown!  Suggested $5 donation goes to the American Cancer Society!

 Halloween Events for Runners!

  • The SCREAMING 5K is back this year Saturday, Oct. 28 in Zion Crossroads in the Spring Creek neighborhood, benifiting the Zion Crossroads Fire Department.  A nice, family friendly costumed run with great door prizes!  CLICK HERE to register, and yes I'm running!

  • Danger Zombies 5k Run   Danger Zombies 5k Run--Sunday, Oct. 29. 2017.  Originally staged in 2010 to promote the locally made film, Danger! Zombies! Run!, this may be the most entertaining area road race all year!  90 seconds after the runners start, the zombies are unleashed to chase them through downtown Charlottesville.  Run as a runner, a zombie, or for an extra fee, be professionally made up as a zombie for the run!  Forget about time, you get points for kills, survival, and there are tons of spectators to growl and snarl at!  I'll be running again this year as part of the zombie horde!  CLICK HERE to register!  Yes, I'm running this one too!

Halloween History!

In class, we talked briefly about Orson Wells halloween broadcast of War of the Worlds from 1938, and some classes heard excerpts from the show.  We talked about early "channel surfing" and how many people missed the introduction to the show and thought the breaking news interruptions in the first half of the show were real bulletins about an unfolding invasion. Courtesy of the Newseum, you can listen to the entire broadcast here:

In addition to the original broadcast, you can also watch an episode of the fabled early TV anthology series, Studio One.  The episode "The Night America Trembled," was a dramatization of the public panic that Orson Wells' broadcast created.  I'm especially fond of the episode for three reasons.  First, it is presented by Edward R. Murrow, the man who in many ways created the highest standards for broadcast journalism.  Second, look for early TV appearences by noted actors Ed Asner ("Lou Grant, Mary Tyler Moore Show"), Vincent Gardenia, James Coburn, and Warren Oates, and the first credited acting job by a very young Warren Beatty (card player two).  Third, the episode was written by a neighbor of mine growing up in Roanoke, a prolific early science-fiction writer named Nelson Bond.  This episode is in the public domain and presented here:

Halloween Movies!

There are lots of great movies for a good scare that are not gory.  Here are some in the public domain and links to get others:

Want to brag that you have seen the first horror film ever made?  The Edison studio made Frankensten .
    • NOSFERATU (Germany 1922)--If you think the original Dracula film from 1931 was the first vampire movie, you need to watch Nosferatu.  A very creepy silent film, the 1931 classic borrowed many scenes.  Director F.W. Murnau couldn't get the rights to film Dracula from author Bram Stoker's family, so he filmed it anyway and simply changed the names.  After losing the copyright lawsuit, all but 2 copies of the film were destroyed.  This copy is restored from those 2 and has the original score.  Enjoy!

      You may also be interested in this copy from Amazon.  While there are lots of public domian copies out there, this particular release has both a classical score and an outstanding original score from the Silent Film Orchestra that really enhances the restored copy on the DVD.


ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS (1969)--Sometimes you just need to kick back with a really, really terrible movie.  The kind of movie so terrible that it's really fun to watch.  If so, this one is for you!  I challenge you to sit through the entire movie without laughing!  If you chicken out, "Mother will give you a scolding!"


If you or your organization is sponsoring a Halloween event, please email me so I can add you to the list!



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