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Mr. Bower's GAMES page!

Use the games on this page to help you learn and practice for Social Studies!


Studying American Indians?  Try these games to review:

Crossword Puzzle

Pop Quiz Game

Pattern Matching Game

Native American Hangman Game

NEW!!  Check out these free online games about the American Revolution:

UPDATED!  Europe Geography games;

Easy--Europe by Region Average--Drag & Drop Hard--Drag & Drop

Europe Game:  Click on the country!

Another Click on the country Europe game!

How many European Countires can you name?

NEW:  Europe Countries and Capitals game!

NEW:   Europe Puzzle Game!

NEW Click on the country Europe Game!

NEW:  Map of France Puzzle Game!

NEW:  Map of Germany Puzzle Game!



U.S. Geography Games:


NEW LINK! Try this simple game to practice using lines of latitude and longitude!

Having trouble with knowing the states? Try these three mapping practice games!
See how low you can get your miles off score in the least amount of time!

Easy Average Hard

Do you know the cities you are responsible for? Try this game to practice:

SOL City Game

Do you know the regions that states are in? Try this matching game to practice:

Region Matching Game

Simple Games by Region:
(Note:  Game regions are different than regions given in class or the SOLs!)

Explore New England
New England Drag the Stamp to the Map Game
New England Matching Game
Explore the Mid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic Drag the Icon Game
Mid-Atlantic Matching Game

Southeast Quiz

World Geography Games:

Play Mission:  World Exploration on the CIA website!

World Geography Quiz


Africa Geography games:


History Games:

How well do you know reconstruction? Take this webquiz and find out!

Reconstruction WebQuiz


Geography Spanish-American War and World War One Early 20th Century World War Two Containment & Marshall Plan

Play "WALK THE PLANK" World War Two and dunk your teacher!


New!  Try these math games!

Math vs Zombies - Educational Games for Kids - Peaksel  

Maths Vs Martians - DAP Interactive  

iWin, Inc.

Make your own learning games!

  • Try cutting apart maps into jigsaw puzzles and time yourself putting them together.
  • Trying to learn a vocabulary list?  Use index cards!  Put the term on one side of an card and the definition on the other.  You have flash cards to study with others.
  • If you are stuck studying solo, stack the vocabulary flash cards you made definition side up.  Guess the term, and sort cards into correct and incorrect stacks.  Pick up the incorrect stack and keep guessing until they are all in the correct stack, then turn the stack over and do it again term side up, guessing the definitions!

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